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September 13, 2022

Wisdom is a journey and a search for what matters in life – a search for meaning, purpose, place and belonging. Wisdom is a code to live by where we can accept that it is ok to start over, to make mistakes, to love, and to feel pain. It is a reminder to focus on the little things that bring joy and know that all of it is a part of our individual story.” (Press Release Wisdom)

In a time where everyone strives to be as swag, woke, and exceptional as possible, the trait of being wise seems to be a less important one, reserved maybe for old age. However, true wisdom comes with experience, contemplation and understanding (thus being accessible to everyone who detaches from fast-paced daily routines at times), and it is these characteristics that Stick Figure has artfully combined in the creation of their seventh studio album Wisdom.

Written, produced and recorded by Scott Woodruff at Great Stone Studios in Oakland, California, the fourteen pieces reflect the ambitious standards of their originator, each single one a masterpiece of musicianship and songwriting. Apart from Scott, the team behind this body of work is small in number but tall in effect: childhood friend TJ O’Neill assisted in the creative process, while band members Kevin “KBong” Bong (keyboards), Kevin Offitzer (drums), Tommy Suliman (bass), Will Phillips (percussion) and John “Johnny Cosmic” Gray (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals) made sure their visions are brought to life, the latter also mixing the finished album. Even before pressing play, Wisdom gives you an undeniable feeling of comfort. From the sheer beauty of the cover artwork by Juan Manuel Orozco to the positive images the song titles evoke, it’s a feel-good affair that manifolds once the first track zooms in.

Read more here: https://www.reggaeville.com/artist-details/stick-figure/releases/mode/review/release/stick-figure-wisdom/

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