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Free Flow Van Session – February 2021

February 19, 2021

Free Flow Van Sessions – February 2021

Making new beats from the road, and this time an extra dubby drum and bass riddim.

With no access to a drum kit, all the drums and percussion are programmed using a combination of blended samples – superior drummer 3, splice, and pre-recorded live high hats and snare drums from Great Stone Studios. I’m learning to become just as efficient recording in the mobile set up as at the studio, and it’s been a fun process.

Mixed this one using Alborosie’s new Dub Station plug-in and implemented multiple reverbs and delays – Valhalla reverb, Deep Verb, Aurturia Spring 636, H-delay, Echo boy and more. More coming soon. Enjoy!

Filmed by Keith Zacharski // In The Barrel Photo

Edited by Spencer Groshong

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