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Top Shelf Reggae┃ALBUM REVIEW: Stick Figure drops much-needed ‘Wisdom’

September 18, 2022

It’s been no secret these past few months that the symbol for American reggae, Stick Figure, was coming out with a new album. Even though I covered a few of the singles myself, what I honestly wasn’t expecting was for this full feature-length masterpiece to absolutely blow me away. The 14-song album titled Wisdom — released on September 9th through his own imprint, Ruffwood Records — demonstrates expertly just that: all of the wisdom that Stick Figure (whose real name is Scott Woodruff) has picked up along the way over the last two decades or so of making music. It very well could be his best work out of all of those years. It for sure is some of the finest production work and debatably the deepest, most heartfelt and strongest songwriting to date.

The entire record is woven intricately with that unmistakable Stick Figure rhythm and peaceful patented sound.

You know exactly who you are listening to and the best part is, it never gets boring. There is a skill essential to this art and to keep a similar sound across 14 songs, yet have none of them lose your interest requires a mastering of that skill. The music on this record stays true to what its creator intended it to be and the album flys by, but in the best way imaginable. It’s over before you know it, leaving you with this empirical feeling of ‘there is no way I caught all of it… I have to listen to it again.’ And, then boom — you’re hooked.

Read more here: https://topshelfmusicmag.com/reviews/stick-figure-drops-much-needed-wisdom/

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