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Daily Reggae News – Stick Figure drops World on Fire (Instrumentals) album

March 22, 2021

This week, Stick Figure released a new instrumental album, World on Fire (Instrumentals), and it’s grooving! The reggae band originally released its World on Fire album in 2019. I listened to the album this morning on a run around the neighborhood and it was such a cool experience!

Instrumental albums are so unique to listen to, especially ones where the original version with vocals has already been released. When I listened to the World on Fire (Instrumentals) album, it was cool to re-imagine the songs that I’ve been listening to since the original album dropped.

The album has so many cool drums, keys, and guitar parts. I found myself starting to sing during the parts where Scott Woodruff usually comes into the song. Some of my favorite songs are Once in a Lifetime, Shine, Summertime, and The Great Unknown.

This is an epic album to listen to while driving around the neighborhood, going on a bike ride, or walk. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Support Stick Figure by purchasing the instrumentals album, or the original World on Fire album. Stream Stick Figure’s music here

Once in a Lifetime – Instrumental is the Daily Reggae Song of the Day.

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