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Reggaeville: “World on Fire” Review

September 5, 2019

Who set the world on fire? Good question, provocatively posed in the title track of Stick Figure‘s new album World On Fire. Let’s postpone the answer for now and figure out the who and what of the music first.

Who: Stick Figure. A band that has a very, very, veeeery hard and decisive core called Scott Woodruff. Producer and multi-instrumentalist he is, he recorded five albums completely on his own before, in 2012, deciding that he should put a band together to be able to play his music live. Touring ever since, Stick Figureconvinces listeners around the world that they are really good at what they’re doing. Oh, and don’t forget about their companion! Cocoa the tour-dog is on stage for every single show, and I was honoured to meet him when the band performed in Hamburg in 2016.

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