“Warning” Out Now

April 22, 2019

Today Pepper drops a tasty dubby new single “Warning” Ft. Stick Figure with tastemaker imprint LAW Records. The new song is due to premiere today with SIRIUS XM’s The Joint and is available everywhere you stream music.

For the band, “Warning” is a perfect representation of our sound, instead of being something that was relevant to us a year ago, it’s POTENT!!!” It reflects Pepper’s sonic sensibilities and their signature “dub” sounds, clashing in a synergistic style. They continue, “it really is resetting the bar for our music, we’ve been a band for over 20 years now and all of a sudden everything seems brand new, that’s a fuckin warning if I’ve ever heard one!”

“Warning” was produced by Stick Figure, engineered by Johnny Cosmic, and record at both Kona Town Recording & Great Stone Studios. Reflecting back on the process Pepper recalls, “Working with Stick Figure and Jonny Cosmic led us to places musically we never would have gone on our own, you get set in your ways inevitably. So right away we were at a different starting point than normal, out of our comfort zone ready to grow,” they continue, “the recording process was very different than past releases, the end result sounds like us condensed down to our purest form.”

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