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Interview With KBong by The Pier

August 28, 2018


Widely known by many across the reggae community, Kevin “KBong” Bong has been lighting up the stage with his always positive mindset and uplifting, high energy spirit for many years. With what started as a smaller live show many years ago, it’s no longer a secret that Stick Figure has evolved into one of the most sought-after touring artists today.

What you should also be aware of, however, is that KBong is generating plenty of hype and momentum with his own music in addition to his trademark vocals and keys while on tour with Stick Figure. KBong released his debut album, Hopes and Dreams, in 2014, and to the delight of many, will release his second full-length album Easy to Love You on August 24, 2018. The new album will feature 12 tracks, with guest features to include Stick Figure, Raging Fyah, The Movement and Johnny Cosmic.

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