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Musicbailout.com Shows Love | Written By : Shawn Hallman

July 17, 2018


Stick Figure has left a lasting impression on ears around the world, playing top-tier festivals and major summer tours, while constantly pushing out chart-topping tunes. It’s hard to believe the signature Stick Figure sound, beloved by millions, has such humble roots. From a bedroom to the world, patience, vision, determination, and talent all lead Scott Woodruff and Stick Figure to their current iconic state.

From the early days of an east-coast artist who acted as a one-man production house, tackling life’s hills and valleys in turn-of-the-decade releases The Sound of My Addiction and Burning Ocean, Stick Figure instantly grew a following around the scene. Immediately impressing people with obvious creative talent and quality, Stick Figure’s stock soon rose to megastar status, solidifying his future with a relocation to California and pushing out the breakthrough album Smoke Stack, followed by two #1 Billboard reggae albums in Burial Ground and Set in Stone.

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